Oasis Stalls Market Design

ARPG Events

Use the provided template to decorate a stall for the Oasis Stalls Market!

Community Event: Part 2 - The Missing Eggs

Help Vashaa investigate to find her missing eggs!

Familiar Madness

Special Events

Rumors of a strange new familiar are circulating around Tianshu... Will you be the one to catch it?

Christmas Tree Ornaments Event 2021

Special Events

Decorate our community Christmas tree with your ornaments for your Shiji!

Harvest Feast Festival 2021

Special Events

The Harvest Feast Festival 2021 is here! Show us how your Shiji celebrates this annual festivity in Tianshu.

Community Event: Part 1 - The missing eggs

ARPG Events

Vashaa's eggs went missing

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