1. Shiji-Long are a closed species. Please don't claim the species as your own. We are not claiming eastern dragons, just these specific designs and lore.
  2. Do not create new Shiji yourself, except you own a MYO (Make your own) Slot, which can be obtained via events and raffles.
  3. Don't change your Shiji's traits without permission or feedback from the creator. Changes have to be made via items that can be won in events and raffles, but are subject to the overall trait sheet. Please note, that the original art still belongs to the creator. Changes can either be requested to be done on the original art for a small fee, or can be made for future references, you cannot edit the original art without permission.
  4. The masterlist will be continuously updated and needs input from you. If your Shiji is not on it yet, message the creator or a mod with the following info: Shiji name, your FA account name, as well as a picture of them.
  5. You can trade and sell your Shiji. You cannot sell it for more than you paid, if there isn't additional art of them.
  6. Notify the creator or a mod when you traded or sold your Shiji. We need confirmation from both parties.
  7. The freebies are available for all users to draw their (existing) Shiji. You are allowed to edit the art and post it with credit to the creator. MYO slots can also be drawn on these bases.
  8. Please respect the lore of the species.
  9. We aren't accepting designs that are too close to copyrighted material. For example: Shiji-Long that look like Pokemon, marking and colour wise.
  10. Be respectful and polite. We do not tolerate harrassment of any kind. Should a member repeatedly disrespect the rules, they will be banned from the group and any type of events. Shijis belonging to such a member will only be voided in extreme cases, not taken back though.
  11. If you think you found a design that is too close to the species or a certain design, go to Vashaa first. Vashaa does not condone witch-hunts. Do not go out and harass people or act in her name. Also remember that Vashaa does not own the likeness of eastern dragons or any dragons for that matter. People are free to make eastern dragons as they like.
  12. Designs that were gifted or raffle prizes should not be sold, except if you have additional art for the character. Selling gifted things is not allowed either. You can trade or gift the design as well, but not get currency/money for it.

things you are allowed to change about your Shiji:

  • Name
    Tell Vashaa if you want to change your Shiji's name. This can also be done after a trade/sale.
  • Minor colours
    Hair dye, nail polish; anything that can be painted.
  • Haircut
    You can change everything about the hair surrounding your Shiji's face except for making it look like another trait. So for example, you can cut fur, play it in a ponytail, add bangs, braids, etc.
  • Scars, cuts, bruises, broken horns even missing limbs
    These things can regenerate with a new cycle, but make sure to notify Vashaa of these changes.
  • Sex
    This can be changed via a ceremony with an elder. Note that the magic only works once. There are steps to fulfill to achieve that, similar to the mating ritual. No money involved except you want me to redraw the references, but it takes a bit of effort. You can already change it for yourself in private, but if you want to make it official, please tell Vashaa!
  • Tattoos and piercings
  • Clothing/Outfits/Trades/Jobs/Story/Home/Everything they do/Their personality


Heathen Avatar

How tall can Shiji's be?

2023-04-02 18:22:56

Jassy Avatar
Jassy Staff Member

Shiji range from 100cm-170cm in their anthro form.The Feral form is the same plus the length of the tail. Exceptions can happen, bit there never was a taller Shiji than around 190cm. They can change their size a bit though in their feral state.

2023-05-09 01:15:02

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