Shiji-Long Breeding Hub

It's a pleasure to meet you little one - are you here for assistance expanding your family? I'd be honored to help.

Breeding Season Status


Breeding Rules
  • Each Shiji-Long may only breed once per season. 
  • Breeding is always done with two Shiji-Long. Although more than two Shiji-Long may be in a soulmate relationship together, only two Shiji-Long may produce children at a time. If a soulmate relationship has four or more characters, other pairings may breed as well.
  • Shiji-Long who are of the same gender require Qing's Blessing to breed. This blessing is a gift from the Elder Qing which temporarily changes the gender of one of the two characters in order to allow them to reproduce with their partner.
    Qing's Gift was traditionally an item players purchased with Bi (in-game currency) but as of 2023 it has been converted to a badge and renamed to Qing's Blessing. To prove you've read the rules, click here to obtain Qing's Blessing which will allow to breed any two Shiji-Long regardless of gender. You must click the link and click to claim Qing's Blessing in order to participate in breeding, even if your characters do not have the same gender.
  • When breeding, if the same person owns both characters, 1-2 babies will be generated. If a different person owns each character, 2-3 babies will be generated.
  • To learn more about how traits are inherited and how Shiji-Long reproduce/care for their children, please refer to Breeding & Offspring.
Breeding Items
  • Characters that are not in a completed/approved soulmate relationship will require one Breeding Voucher in order to breed. Breeding Vouchers can be obtained as paid (real currency) items during each breeding season. See the Shiji-Long Discord for additional information (typically there is an announcement made when voucher purchases open; if you are new to the server you may need to scroll up as it may not be the most recent announcement). 
  • Fertility Potions may only be used by pairings with two separate owners. So for example, if you are breeding two of your own characters, you may not use a fertility potion. The only exception is in completed soulmate relationships of 3 or more characters; in these instances as long as at least one character in the soulmate relationship is owned by someone else you will be allowed to use a fertility potion, even if the two characters actively breeding are your own.
  • Vashaa's Feather may be used to force the inheritance of a specific trait to all children. You may only forcibly inherit one 'main' trait (eyes/ears/horns/fur/tail) even if you have a chimera or character with another special trait that allows for multiples of a given trait type (for example extra horns). However, you may use as many feathers as you'd like on special traits.