Quests are a chain of prompts you can complete with your Shiji. Quests give additional rewards if you complete every step of the quest, but quests have stricter requirements than badges: visit the Earning Coins page for more information about the differences.

General Quest Guidelines
  • Each Shiji-Long can complete each quest only once.
  • All quests must be completed in order.
  • Pictures submitted for quests have to show the Shiji-long completing the quest and the topic in question.
  • Pictures submitted for quests must depicture the the full body of the Shiji-Long (or almost all of it) and must be in color.
  • Pictures submitted for quests must have at least a simple background.
  • For stories submitted for quests, the topic should be discussed in detail and must be a minimum of 2000 words.

To see the additional requirements and prompts for each individual quest, click on the icon to find out more! If you go above and beyond for your submission, we will gladly award extra coins. You are allowed to commission quest submissions, but commissions will not earn additional coins.

Fishing Quest

Is your Shiji a fisher or do they want to learn to fish? This quest line is for those Shijis which love to fish! Take your fishing rod and go on a fishing trip! NOTICE: The fishing rod from the store is needed to start this quest.

Character Quest

Did your Shiji have a long journey already? Did they live multiple circles of life or are they in their first? Show us how they grew up into the Shiji they are now!

Home Quest

Every Shiji needs a home. Where would yours build it? With what materials? How would the decorate the outside and the interior? Show us your Shiji's perfectly little home!

True Love Quest

Has your Shiji already found their soul mate? Use this optional questline to tell us more about their story!

Family Quest

Everyone needs a family. Is your Shiji planning their life around their offspring? Are they about to adopt? Show us how they plan to start a family!

Familiar Quest

Does your Shiji have a familiar yet or are they still at the beginning of their journey to become the very best?

Occupation Quest

Does your Shiji have an occupation? Are they good at something specific? Show us what they do for a living or their passion!

Farming Quest

Planting seeds, tending to flowers, or raising crops... Farming is a basic component of life. Is your Shiji a farmer? Or do they just love to have a small patch at flowers at home?

Hobby Quest

We all need some time off and activities that relax us or make us happy. Does your Shiji have a hobby? Something they love to do in their spare time?

Adventure Quest

Let's go onto an adventure! After all, how boring would it be to stay at home all day?