Welcome to Shengdao

If you're brand new here, this is the right place to start! Let's begin with some simple questions.

What is Shengdao? What are Shiji-Long?
Shiji-Long are a closed-species of eastern dragons created by Vashaa. Shengdao is the name of the world Shiji-Long inhabit and the name we chose for this website as well.
What is a Closed Species? 
A closed species is a fictional species created by someone who chooses to limit the way new characters are created. There are many reasons why an artist might choose to do this: to help form a community, to ensure their vision remains intact, to increase scarcity, and many more reasons. In the case of Shiji-Long, their creation is limited in order to (continue to) foster the growth of the community and maintain the integrity of Vashaa's vision for the species and their universe.
What is the point of this? Why not just make an eastern dragon?
Anyone can make an eastern dragon character: Vashaa doesn't hold any claim over them as a species! However, Shiji-Long have many unique traits, design guidelines, continuously updated lore, and an ARPG (this site). When you choose to own a Shiji-Long, you are able to use that character to participate in the community, participate in events, roleplay, and play using the ARPG. You will have access to some aspects of the Shiji-Long experience without owning a Shiji-Long, but the best experience comes directly from owning a Shiji-Long of your own. Plus, owning a Shiji-Long means owning one of Vashaa's beautiful designs! 

Alright, I'm sold: how do I get a Shiji-Long?

Now we're getting to the good stuff: let's chat. There are many ways to get a Shiji-Long!
Participating in Raffles & Events
Events are often held through the Shiji-Long Discord which allow you to enter a contest where you have designed your own Shiji-Long (referred to as an MYO or Make-Your-Own). If your design wins, then it will become an official Shiji-Long! Additionally, designs are sometimes raffled off for free in the server as well.
Purchasing MYO Scrolls with Bi
Bi is the in-game currency used by Shiji-Long. There are many ways to earn Bi which you can read about here. You can use Bi to purchase MYO scrolls that can be used to make your personal Shiji-Long design official. Bi can also be used to purchase in-game items and items that can be used to upgrade your Shiji-Long's traits.
Buying a Shiji-Long with Real-World Currency
Vashaa sells a number of Shiji-Long designs through the Shiji-Long Discord and her FurAffinity page. Some designs, referred to as FTO (First Time Owner) designs, are cheaper designs created on bases that can only be purchased by individuals who don't own any Shiji-Long of their own. Other designs may be sold as finished pieces or 'eggs' where the user purchases a preview of the design's markings and palette and makes the decision to buy based on that. 'Egg' designs will always allow you to choose a body type and sex - and in some cases you may even be able to choose your traits. The exact price you pay may impact the amount of choice you have over your traits: always read the description for specific designs to determine the rules for that specific batch. On rare occasions Vashaa also sells "Dream Shiji" slots where you can completely control the design and all of it's traits (any traits can be chosen). These types of designs are very rare and are typically the most expensive designs Vashaa sells.
Commissioning a Custom Shiji from Vashaa
When Vashaa is open for regular commissions, she also opens for Shiji-Long design commissions. Vashaa may open up for Shiji-Long design commissions outside of normal commission windows as well. When commissioning a Shiji-Long design, you pay for both the Shiji-Long's traits and your art from Vashaa, where the art from Vashaa makes up the majority of the cost. There are different prices for different combinations of traits: typically all common traits are cheapest, but you may be able to  more to have uncommon traits or a single rare trait. Ultra-Rare traits are typically not allowed outside of Dream Shiji auctions or special MYO events.

To learn more about creating a Shiji-Long, please visit the species rules.



What Can I Do With My Shiji-Long?

Play Games
Explore our games and earn a few bi!
Complete Quests
Quests are writing/art prompts that you can complete for your Shiji-Long to earn larger amounts of Bi and items.
Earn Badges
Badges are short prompts that award small amounts of Bi and help develop your character. Badges can also be awarded for events or quests!
Get a Familiar
Buy items and complete quests to earn a familiar for your Shiji-Long.
Go Shopping
Use your Bi to buy upgrades for your Shiji-Long, Familiars, Game Items, and even more Shiji-Long!
Find a Mate
Find a mate for your Shiji-Long through the community. Complete the Soul Mating Ritual and breed during open breeding periods to make more Shiji-Long!
Join the Shiji-Long Discord to meet other members of the community, chat, and roleplay.