Stone-Bound/Volcanic (Shiji-Long Subtype)


Deep within the heart of Shengdao, where the rugged mountains pierce the sky and the fiery breath of volcanoes illuminates the dark caves below, resides a subspecies of the Shiji-Long known as the Volcanics. These majestic beings have evolved to thrive amidst the intense heat and pressure, harnessing the primal forces of earth and fire as their elemental magic. Among the Shiji-Long, the Volcanics stand out for their distinctive appearance, fiery personalities, and powerful societies.

The Volcanics bear a striking contrast to their fur-covered cousins. Their bodies are covered in thick, resilient scales that act as a natural armor, protecting them from the harsh conditions of their environment. These scales come in various earthy tones, fiery oranges, and deep reds, mirroring the very landscapes they inhabit. Glittering gems of all colors and rarities stud their scales, adding to their mesmerizing beauty and making each dragon a living work of art. Though not all Volcanics possess gems, it is a trait more commonly found among them, and these gems are highly regarded, symbolizing strength, resilience, and individuality.



Unlike the other subspecies, the Volcanics do not have long, flowing manes. Instead, they exude a rugged and fierce appearance. Their muscular, sturdy builds, present even in the females, attest to their strength and endurance. They also grow way taller than their cousins. With the capacity to withstand the most extreme conditions, the Volcanics are true titans of the land.

Personality-wise, the Volcanics are known for their passionate and fiery temperaments. Their emotions can run as wild and untamed as the volcanoes that surround them. Quick to form attachments and rivalries, they display an intense loyalty to their clans and an unwavering determination to protect their families. They embrace competition and see challenges as opportunities to prove their mettle. Even arguments are often fought out. These fiery personalities are evident in their elemental magic, which they wield with unparalleled mastery.

Within their society, the Volcanics recognize and revere strength above all else. Their communities are led by the mightiest among them, and Huoshen, an elder dragon adorned with scars from countless battles, is the venerable leader of the Yili clan. Revered for her wisdom and strategic prowess, she maintains a strict yet fair rule, guiding her people through trials and conflicts. Under her leadership, the Volcanics have built a society that celebrates craftsmanship, creating their jewelry and gemstones as a testament to their skill and artistry.

The Volcanics' competitive nature is not one of mindless aggression; it serves to strengthen their bonds and forge powerful alliances. They engage in organized fights and brawls, but these contests are conducted with honor and a sense of fair play. The rivalries fuel their growth, fostering camaraderie even in the most heated moments. Such experiences become valuable life lessons, shaping the next generation of Volcanics to be fierce yet respectful, powerful yet compassionate.

Their diet primarily consists of meat, a necessity given their rugged habitat. The clans place great importance on teaching their young how to hunt skillfully, passing down their ancestral knowledge and survival instincts. Hunting is not just a means of sustenance but a reflection of their adaptability and resourcefulness in their challenging surroundings.

In the sprawling landscape of Shengdao, the Volcanics stand tall as a testament to the raw power of earth and fire. Their mastery of elemental magic, combined with their robust physical attributes and indomitable spirits, has earned them a well-deserved place among the most formidable and respected dragon clans in the realm. Under the leadership of Huoshen, the Yili clan continues to thrive, leaving a blazing trail of strength and passion across the land of Shengdao.


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