Item Categories

MYO Certificates

Certificates that can be used to create a Shiji-Long.


Badges can be earned from participating in events or submitting prompts specifically designed to earn badges. While most badges will earn you 5 Bi, the badges themselves cannot be used for anything or trade; they are intended to be rewards to show your participation in the community.

Aesthetic Items

Items that change the look and feel of your Shiji. These items might change subtype, add special traits, or even just change the colors of your Shiji's fur. 

Breeding Items

Items that are used for mating and breeding.


Items that give you or your Shiji a buff.


Familiar items are items which result in or assist with the hatching of a Shiji-Long's familiar. These types of items include both eggs and 'familiar items' used in hatching. 

Familiar Hatching Items

Items which allow you to hatch and raise your familiar.

Familiar Aesthetic Items

Items which change the appearance of your familiar.

Familiar Supplies

Items which allow you to interact with your familiar, such as food. 

Loot Boxes

Loot boxes containing various items.

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