Character Categories

Advent Calendars (ADVENT)

Shiji-Long which were adopted via advent calender events.

Commissions (COMM)

Characters which Vashaa was commissioned to design.

Egg / Bottle Adopts (EGG)

Characters which were adopted from egg or bottle adopts (gacha designs). 

FTO Adopts (FTO)

Designs which were made available only to First Time Owners.

Guest Artist Designs (GUEST)

Characters which were designed by guest artists. 

MYO Slots (MYO)

Characters which were designed by an individual via a "make your own" scroll or event.

Premade Auctions (PREAUC)

Characters which were fully designed then auctioned off by Vashaa. 

Premade Flat Sales (PREFLAT)

Characters which were fully designed by Vashaa, then sold for a flat price.

Prizes & Gifts (GIFT)

Characters which were given to someone as a prize or gift. 

Raffles (RAFFLE)

Characters which were raffled off by Vashaa. 

Baby (BBY)

Characters that were obtained as babies, either from egg events or through breeding. 

Orphanage (ORPH)

Eggs adopted from Vashaa's Orphanage. 

Companion Species (COMP)

Companion Species (non Shiji-Long) characters. 

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