Natural (Shiji-Long Subtype)

 They are living in the deep forests and woods of Shengdao. These Shiji are known for having adjusted quite well to their surroundings. Not only are their colours and markings resembling the vegetation of the area they are living in, but their bodies evolved as well. Plants are growing in their hardened skin and scales. They are able to change the pgiments in their skin and scales to get brighter and darker, thus being able to use camouflage. Their bodies are more sturdy and thicker than those of their cousins. Short fur and sclaes are very common traits, making it easy for them to live in more humid regions, as well as maneuver through swamps. Instead of flying, they often use shallow waters and rivers for transportation.

These Shiji-Long are closely connected with the 4th elder, Tanlan. Just like their elder, they usually possess the ability of growth, being able to grow all kinds of plants to impressive height. They celebrate the beauty of nature and are mostly vegetarian and vegan, not wanting to harm other beings. They built great templates for their elders, hidden away in the thicket of their home forests. While their building style is more primitive, their structures lived through hundreds of years.

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