Celestial (Shiji-Long Subtype)

Celestial Shiji-Long - 仙人龙 Xianren-Long

Celestial or Etheral Shiji-Long were created from the second elder that existed. They were more powerful, their very being
made of magic, their scales and fur shimmering in every colour of the skies and stars.

The elder that created this subspecies died after birthing these beautiful dragons, her life force living inside them,
making them glow naturally. Their body is longer in feral and anthro form, long, fin like membrans seaming body, limbs
and tail. Celestial Shijis can appear translucent when flying in the sky due to their colours and iridescent scales. Like
that they had not been rediscovered until now. There were legends and tails about shimmering snakes in the sky, but
no Shiji-long had ever seen one with their own eyes. Celestial Shijis possess a very special magical gift. Their magic is pure,
elementless, but is able to create matter, even living beings.

It is said that celestial shiji who die are turned into stars.

These Shijis mostly stay in their feral form. While they can change easily, their long, pearlescent 'fins' are easier handled
as ferals. They live closed off on a floating island in the sky above Shengdao, having built big temples to honour their
goddess, which are sacred to them and no one else but them is allowed to enter them. Since their goddess is not with them
anymore, these shijis follow the oldest matriarch, Xirei.

Xirei had only decided to reveal herself to the other elders, when she saw black and purple lightning course through the sky.

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