Air/Wind (Shiji-Long Subtype)

This species of Shiji-Long is living high up in the mountains, where the air is thinner. These Shijis are leaner and smaller than their cousins, the fur often flowing and forming longer wing-like forms to help to keep balance while flying through heavy winds. They usually own either passive statemagic, which turns their bodies into air, smoke, or clouds, or possess active air elemental magic. It is said that all the storms raging over the land are created when these wind dragons are roaming the sky.

These Shijis come in a lot of different colours, but they all resemble the sky. Dawn, bright day, or night. Some also come in colours and markings of stars and galaxies. Air Shiji usually do not travel underneath the line of clouds. They built cities way above them and only harvest what grows and hunt what lives on the highest mountains. It is very rare for them to invite guests to their homes, but is has happened before. The are known to create the greatest temples for their elders.

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