Vashaa's missing eggs: Part 5

The group decided to take the map and the scammer seriously, but not leave the Shiji out of their eyes.

Following the map, the group takes a break after walking for a long while. They are making good progress, but the desert is wearing the members out eventually. Instead of moving to the city in the west, the group walks over to the giant crystal formation in the east.


You find large magical crystals and wonder why these aren't mined like all the others. In the distance you can see a tent. A bit of shadow would do great now. Maybe the people there would be also nice enough to share some water?


The group decided to check out the tent.


The group slowly crosses the plains and aproaches the tent. It's rather dark in there, but you can see glimmers from gems reflecting light all over the interior. Someone had been busy it seems, but you can't seem to find said someone.

Only after a moment strange mumbling can be heard and there, in the farthest corner of the tent, seems to be someone hiding in the shadows.

"So very shiny."

The group decided to approach the stranger.

Slowly the group gets closer to the figure that is crouching down in a corner of the tent. The shiji is muttering incoherent things, but suddenly he turns and gets into your face.


"Gems! Can you see this gem? Can you see how pretty it is! So valuable! Gem, look at my gem!"


The gambler you took with you takes a step back.

What the hell is that creep!?



The group decided to not just flee from the strange shiji and rather give them a chance to speak their mind.

The Shiji has a glimmer in his eyes, before he simply screamed gleefully.

Suddenly the strange shiji jumps around the tend and rummages around in his bags, throwing gems at the group.

The group stares bewildered at the Shiji, before they now, slowly, turn to leave. At least they had gotten something out of this encounter.


The group looks back at the map. Only two places left to visit. Stock up in the city, or directly go to the mountain to find the missing eggs. Discuss.



The group decided to move on to the mountain to save the eggs as quickly as possible.

As the group moved further toward the thundering mountain, the environment became increasingly barren. Not a single plant grew along the way, and no birds chirped. All that filled the air was the rumble of thunder. In the distance, the peak of the mountain was shrouded in dark clouds, with shadows flitting between them as lightning illuminated the sky.

The group decided to light a bonfire and prepare for the next day.


Decide what you should do to prepare yourself. Prepare food, weapons or anything else that could be of need to climb the mountain.  You can either sketch things, make a moodboard or use any other creative way to show what you would do as preparation.




The group brough a lot of things; Food and potions, equipment to climb the mountains, as well as other practical items.


After a well-deserved rest, the group began their climb up the mountain. Purple lightning struck the ground around them, indicating that something powerful at the peak was hurling magic their way. Despite the risk, they continued ascending the steep hills, only to encounter a narrow path between canyon-like walls, with lightning striking at the end, forcing them to halt.

"Stop right there!" A voice shouted from the top of the walls, followed by cackling.
"You better do what we say, or else~"
Shadows jumped down, revealing themselves as three Shiji-long.




Discuss with the group what you want to do. Do you want to fight? Talk? Try to get away? Turn back? The choice is yours.

The Group decided to talk to the strangers.

It seemed the ground had no desire to talk. While the green Shiji threw his head back in laughter, the other two were simply sneering as they glanced over.

"Talking...? With you?"



The gambler between the group swallowed thickly, his eyes fixed on something.

"We should go. Please?! This is not something we should-"

The green shiji opened his eyes then and smirked as he saw the elder.

"Oh? Just as expected~"

A purple light formed at his raised hand, a magic so thick it seemed to waver in the air. Vashaa's breath hitched at the sight.


It seemed that talking didn't work. A fight seems to be the only way through. Combine your strengths: Discuss what powers your Shiji have and choose one approach for each enemy.



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