The elder Vashaa had always taken care of the weakest members of their society, no matter the clan or the heritage. All kinds of orphaned eggs get taken to Tianshu and given to the elder to take care of. The orphanage was one of the first buildings that was built in Tianshu and Vashaa is very selective with who is allowed to adopt these precious eggs.


Every month there will be some eggs to adopt. Sometimes one, sometimes more. Sometimes special eggs. You will have to draw (or have someone draw) the egg and how you/your Shiji would take care of it. An artist can only draw one egg per month. So either for themselves or for someone else. At the end of the month Vashaa will decide who is allowed to adopt the egg. The winner will get told the rarities of the egg, as well as the specific traits, if the egg has some.


There seem to be no eggs at the moment. Check back later.


Please submit your entry in the prompt below and do not forget to state what egg you want to adopt!